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Great food, terrific activities and a fantastic environment for personal development and building friendships.

"Forest Edge"- Just over an hour away from Perth...strategically placed for all ages to take advantage of spectacular views and a challenging landscape.



The Forest Edge "dorm" has 140 single beds .

There are 6 rooms of 12

             1 room of 8 and

             14 rooms of 4.

Two of the rooms of 4 are for the leaders/teachers and have their own ensuite and lounge.

1 room of 4 which has two bunk beds downstairs, is suitable for 1 - 2 disabled students with their carers.

All rooms are contained under the one roof and have terrific views of the awesome bush surrounds.

Please find a Floor Plan under "Teachers/ Bookings", for a diagram of the rooms and general layout of the accomodation facilities.


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