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Great food, terrific activities and a fantastic environment for personal development and building friendships.

"Forest Edge"- Just over an hour away from Perth...strategically placed for all ages to take advantage of spectacular views and a challenging landscape.


Below are the activities available for you to enjoy at Foreat Edge Recreational Camp. Click on the names to read more.

  • Abseiling - Nursery Our aim at the Nursery Abseil, is to provide primary school aged students with an opportunity to learn correct abseiling technique. By reducing the greater height, there is less fear and more fun! Th... Read more »
  • Abseiling - Tower   Exciting, unique and challenging...3 words that sum up Abseiling! The tower offers two staged heights at 8m and 20m, where two abseilers can enjoy descending together. At the start of the se... Read more »
  • Big Fox The Big Fox is over 200m long and is one of the largest in the southern hemisphere. Two at a time, it takes off from the despatch platform and flies across the valley to the landing area on the oppos... Read more »
  • Billy Carts The students are given the materials to build their Billy cart in pairs. After learning how to use the tools and problem solving they construct their cart. They then learn to ride the cart down the sm... Read more »
  • Boomerang Making Shape, design and paint your own boomerang and learn a little about how our very own traditional landowners painted the "Dreamtime" story art, using organic materials such as hair brushes, crushed sti... Read more »
  • Catapult The countdown has started, to see who can build their very own catapult launcher... The challenge is to design and construct a catapult system to launch tennis balls and water balloons at a target, i... Read more »
  • Climbing Get warmed up with Orange, move on to Purple,then increase the challenge by tackling the Overhang and Chimney! The 4 runs, make Climbing suitable for all ages and skill levels.  All participant... Read more »
  • Crate Climb Join a group, collect the crates, then race for the roof! Crate Climb is the ultimate team challenge that involves everyone aiming for a successful result. Teams are set and the challenge begins, to... Read more »
  • Incentive Course Take a really fun bush adventure walk- learn basic map reading skills, navigation and hear about the environmental impact of introduced species on the natural environment. Through teamwork and accomp... Read more »
  • Initiative Games Initiative Games - several thought provoking, fun and challenging team building activities.  Individually designed to collaborate team idea's, communication and discussion. The games promote tea... Read more »
  • Island Bush Walk A single session bush walk to an island we made in the stream during the 2020 Covid closure of camps. Of course, it's called Covid Island, where we demonstrate to the students that even in difficult... Read more »
  • Kayaking - Flat Water Kayaking is a great way for everyone to enjoy the water both in Summer, and all year long.  We are privvy to the close access of two very beautiful and interesting locations for Kayaki... Read more »
  • Kayaking - Moving Water  Try Moving Water Kayaking, perfect for a meandering adventure down the Murray River at your own pace. To begin, participants are equipt with life jackets, helmets and a full safety brief. ... Read more »
  • Low Ropes Course Perth WA Amongst the bush, groups are divided into smaller groups of 3 or 4 and must help to get one of their team members around the suspended ropes course, approx. 40cm above the ground, in a safe and timely... Read more »
  • Orienteering   Participants are a given a specially produced topographic map, shown compass use and instructions, and are taught distance calculations prior to navigating around the course in search for 7 le... Read more »
  • Pamper Pole   Are you up for possibly the greatest challenge of all activities at Forest Edge? As you climb an 8 metre pole which wobbles, and stand upon a mini platform, your heart will start to race... t... Read more »
  • Raft Building Very popular, Raft Building is held at the stunning Drakesbrook Weir or Lake Navarino, just a short drive from Forest Edge. Teams are given materials such as ropes, poles and barrels, to build themse... Read more »
  • Screen Printing Screen printing is a great activity to break up the high energy activities we do providing a chance to sit down, chat with friends and be creative at the same time.  In screen printing, particip... Read more »
  • Ski Biscuit Three words...too much fun! Ski Biscuit is exhiliarating, unique and a great way to spend time with friends on the water. You will get cold and definitely wet, but you will have a fun filled adventure... Read more »
  • Target Shooting Do you have a sharp eye? Ever learn't air rifle safety? Target shooting is run inside our purpose designed shed on Forest Edge property.  Focus is on listening skills, team work and bio-secuiri... Read more »
  • Test Activity This is a test activity... Read more »