Welcome to our very first Forest Edge Blog!

We're so excited to introduce our all new website, which has plenty of great new photo's and info to share. It's very attractive and was created especially for all our special fans who know and love the camp.

If you're 'new' to Forest Edge, we look forward to meeting you very soon for an outrageously enjoyable, fun and/or relaxing time...whatever you'd prefer.

Keep watching this space for the latest action 'on top of the hill', just near Forest Rise land estate and a short drive from Waroona, WA.

Come see us soon or give us a call so we can organize you next camp!

Love Wato and Sonia xxForest Edge


  • Posted by Lawrence Lo on 19th April, 2013 1:23 pm
    Forest Edge Recreation Camp is one of the best camp I've been to. I went there with my school(Wesley) for 4 days and we had done a lot of activity. (Just came back from there yesterday. :-)
    We spent 2 night at the dorm and 1 night in the tents. The environment in there is very clean also because it is near to the forest, air are very fresh and a good place to be in.
    At the dorm, there is a basketball court and a canteen. On the upper floor, there are the bed rooms. They are all very clean and the beds are comfortable.
    In the camping area, there are toilets and a place for camp fire. The area can hold up to 40-50 people.
    There were activities such as Abseil Tower, Raft Building, Kayaking, low ropes, Ski Biscuit, Target shooting, Pamper Pole, Bog flying fox and more.
    The food there were very nice and also all the staffs were very nice. They were always being positive and always helping you.
    From this camp, I've learnt a lot of stuff: Believe in yourself and believe in your teammates, cooperate with your partner or your team, communication, listening and also be confident to say your ideas.
    This is a cool, exciting and wonderful place to be in and I strongly recommend families, school trip or with you friends to come.
  • Posted by Mirigoldie on 27th October, 2013 10:34 pm
    This camp sounds great !!!
  • Posted by Yas on 3rd June, 2014 1:22 am
    I loved camp! How is Brooke and Tegan?
    Would it be drop in for a visit during the holidays.