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Abseiling - Tower


Exciting, unique and challenging...3 words that sum up Abseiling!

The tower offers two staged heights at 8m and 20m, where two abseilers can enjoy descending together.

At the start of the session all participants are given harnesses, helmets, gloves and descending devices and are shown the correct use of each piece of gear.

Two by two the abseilers are secured to their individual ascending rope and 'raising' team, before they are 'donkey hauled' to the top by their peers in the teams. This innovative routine allows engagement by all participants for the entire session.

At the top, a fully qualified instructor will coach each abseiler, with a top line belay for maximum safety on descent.

Groups can choose to have a single session which is 1.5 hours with two instructors

                                    or a double session of 3.5 hrs with two instructors.

Abseiling - Tower

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