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Great food, terrific activities and a fantastic environment for personal development and building friendships.

"Forest Edge"- Just over an hour away from Perth...strategically placed for all ages to take advantage of spectacular views and a challenging landscape.

Pamper Pole


Are you up for possibly the greatest challenge of all activities at Forest Edge?

As you climb an 8 metre pole which wobbles, and stand upon a mini platform, your heart will start to race... then get ready- and jump out to catch a trapeze.....or maybe not. We lower you with care, to the ground on a safety line controlled by the qualified instructor.

You may smile, laugh or cry, but either way you will feel the greatest sense of acheivement for yourself and each of your team mates.

Great message for meeting our challenges in life.

Why call it the pamper pole , you will find out!!!

Pamper Pole sessions run for 1.5hours

Pamper Pole

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