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"Forest Edge"- Just over an hour away from Perth...strategically placed for all ages to take advantage of spectacular views and a challenging landscape.

Raft Building

Very popular, Raft Building is held at the stunning Drakesbrook Weir or Lake Navarino, just a short drive from Forest Edge.

Teams are given materials such as ropes, poles and barrels, to build themselves a raft which will accommodate the whole team.  Everyone will learn a few basic knots, for use in keeping the raft together in the water, then need to follow directions and through use of initiative to be the first to design, construct and finish...

The emphasis is building a successful raft and in particular, working collaboratively and listening well to instructions from the Instructor and those around them. 

Participants must wear PFD's as they paddle out to the pontoon with their instructor. In the warmer months, we add a few "obstacles" so that the rafts don't quite make it back in one peice... this always creates a great deal of chaotic fun. There are no gaurentee's of staying dry!

Raft building is best run in conjunction with kayaking to provide the best value and time management in a program.

Raft building runs for 1 ½ hours only

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