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Great food, terrific activities and a fantastic environment for personal development and building friendships.

"Forest Edge"- Just over an hour away from Perth...strategically placed for all ages to take advantage of spectacular views and a challenging landscape.


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5/5 Stars
  • I absolutely adored Forest edge! Forest edge was an amazing experience in which I enjoyed. Forest edge teaches you to expand your paradigm and learn hard-working skills! So, thank you to all the staff at Forest edge!
    Millicent Mcrorie (Student)
  • Really awesome how the instructors had high expectations form our kids . They are instrumental in developing our Ursula Frayne culture on listening, manners and helping others. Thanks Brooke and Watto.
    Nathan Farley- Ursula Frayne Catholic
  • The instructors has so much time and build a positive rapport with students. Clear instructions and engaging activities. The kitchen staff would bend over backwards to help us.
    Alysha Mc Donald - Peter Carney Anglican Community School
  • All the Forest Edge staff are excellent- make an effort to connect to students and staff. Instructors are knowledgeable and there is always a purpose/learning intention to each activity. The food is delicious and plentiful and always catered for all dieta
    Rebecca Orton - Ranford Primary School
  • Wow! Where do we begin. We all agree this has been the most relaxed and enjoyable camp for us yet. Our student with high needs has been supported by Brooke and Watto , and he got to enjoy the activities- made his day. Seriously team thanks for making t
    Anna- King Ursula Frayne
  • As always the staff at Forest Edge make our camp experience brilliant. We are greeted like old friends. The location , activities and facilities are great and the food is spectacular.
    Peter Ashbury - Guildford Grammar School