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Kayaking - Flat Water

Kayaking is a great way for everyone to enjoy the water both in Summer, and all year long. 

We are privvy to the close access of two very beautiful and interesting locations for Kayaking, the Drakesbrook Weir and Lake Navarino (locally known as Waroona Dam).

  Before paddling off, participants are fitted with PFD's (life jackets) and are taught safety procedures and basic kayaking skills on the bank.

Once out on the water, our qualified Forest Edge instructor take the group for a leisurely paddle in 2 person crafts, and participants learn quickly that in order to paddle straight, you must work together. 

Paddling confidence, kayak control and games resulting in a fun capsize, make for an extremely popular water activity.

Flat water kayaking sessions run for 1 ½ hours.

Kayaking - Flat Water

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